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Agas Power was established in 2000 with the aim of promoting the field of renewable energy  And operates in two areas, the field of solar energy and the field of energy efficiency and electricity savings, taking into account the promotion of a green environment and the reduction of environmental pollution, and not to forget - the dollar is also green.

The company is a contractor providing services, an energy supervisor and a licensed energy surveyor from the Ministry of Energy  And has extensive experience in managing and executing projects in these areas.

Our company provides its services to all sectors of the economy, including industrial plants, institutional / public bodies, educational institutions, moshavim and kibbutzim, office buildings, government offices, hotels, and authorities in the municipal (urban) sector.


Areas of activity of the company in the field of solar energy:

The "Moshavim Movement in Israel" has chosen Agas to promote a joint venture to build solar systems on the roofs of public and private buildings in the moshavim.


The company works with the largest and highest quality suppliers in the field of panels, converters, electricity, construction and performs the entire chain of requirements using the Turn Key method:


  • Preparation of a proposal to carry out the project in various models - purchase or full financing

  • Feasibility study for the roof of the building or the ground

  • Preparation of system licensing processes with the Electric Company (HHI)

  • Engineered

  • Construction work on the solar system

  • Project management in the field

  • quality check

  • Connecting the system to the mains

  • System maintenance



Areas of activity of the company in the field of efficiency:

The proposed activity in the field of efficiency, brings together all the professional services under one roof and provides a full solution and accompaniment at all stages of the project, including reference to the administrative, professional, engineering, economic, legal, statutory aspects - from the initial stage to the actual project. The outline guarantees large financial savings over the years.


  • Conducting energy surveys in the outline of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy

  • Provision of "Energy Commissioner" services by law

  • Survey mapping street lighting in the municipal authority

  • Carrying out a preliminary survey and in-depth surveys to identify the potential for savings and energy efficiency

  • Inspection and control of electricity bills

  • Comprehensive solution in the process of streamlining and saving electricity -  Consulting and management

  • Writing tenders for contractors

  • Supervision

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