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Solar systems

The "Moshavim Movement in Israel" has chosen Agas to promote a joint venture to build solar systems on the roofs of public and private buildings in the moshavim.


The company works with the largest and highest quality suppliers in the field of panels, converters, electricity, construction and performs the entire chain of requirements using the Turn Key method:


  • Preparation of a proposal to carry out the project in various models - purchase or full financing

  • Feasibility study for the roof of the building or the ground

  • Preparation of system licensing processes with the Electric Company (HHI)

  • Engineered

  • Construction work on the solar system

  • Project management in the field

  • quality check

  • Connecting the system to the mains

Energy efficiency

The proposed activity in the field of efficiency, brings together all the professional services under one roof and provides a full solution and accompaniment at all stages of the project, including reference to the administrative, professional, engineering, economic, legal, statutory aspects - from the initial stage to the actual project. The outline guarantees large financial savings over the years.


  • Conducting energy surveys in the outline of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy

  • Provision of "Energy Commissioner" services by law

  • Survey mapping street lighting in the municipal authority

  • Carrying out a preliminary survey and in-depth surveys to identify the potential for savings and energy efficiency

  • Inspection and control of electricity bills

  • A comprehensive solution in the process of streamlining and saving electricity - consulting, accompaniment, management, execution and supervision

  • Writing tenders

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Energy survey

An energy survey is a systematic and structured process for mapping the organization's total energy consumption, in which a comprehensive analysis of the main energy systems and infrastructures is performed, as detailed:


  • Cooling and air conditioning systems: air conditioners, chillers

  • Heat and steam systems: water heating, stoves

  • Compressed air systems 

  • Lighting systems: indoor and outdoor

  • Computer Systems

  • Engines

  • Pumps


The survey is conducted by professional technicians and engineers for each field and with experience, using monitoring and control tools to measure energy consumption.

Upon completion of the collection of the necessary information, we prepare a detailed report for the survey, which includes practical and purposeful recommendations for realizing the potential for energy savings, while presenting a plan for efficiency and savings and specifying parameters.

Of economic viability and ROI.


Agas has professional knowledge and extensive experience and has been conducting energy surveys in many dozens of organizations and institutions for over 12 years - see a detailed list of customers.


Agas is one of the companies recommended by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy to conduct energy surveys in the format required by it.


Steps for conducting an energy survey and submitting it according to the layout of the Ministry of Energy:


  • Overview and mapping of the energy consumers in the organization

  • Locating potential hotspots for efficiency

  • Analysis and processing of the data into a general centralized report

  • Recommendations for a variety of operational solutions and  Choosing the right technology

  • Financial indices, such as,  The scope of investment in the project and the payback time (ROI).


Who and why is an energy survey needed?


It should be emphasized that by virtue of regulations, entities whose energy consumption is high are obliged to carry out this survey.

According to the Energy Sources Regulations (conducting a survey to identify the potential for energy conservation), 5729-2 2018  , Large energy consumers (with an annual consumption of over 1,250 tonnes of oil equivalent) are required to perform every 5  Years survey  To identify potential for energy conservation. The survey is intended to establish recommendations for the purpose of reducing energy expenditure and examines parameters such as the consumer's energy consumption and its facilities and systems, the distribution of consumption and more.


We recommend to energy consumers who are not required to report to the Ministry of Energy but are interested in saving energy costs and becoming more efficient, to check the feasibility of this survey and the size of the savings expected from this move.


1,250 tons is equivalent to oil  = KW 4,500.00  electrical power  = About 2,000,000

Energy Supervisor Service

According to  Regulations  Energy sources (monitoring energy efficiency),  Must any plant whose annual energy consumption is at least 300 tons equivalent to oil  In other fuels or electricity, as well as any corporation established by or under the law, appoint a person responsible for promoting the efficient consumption of energy.

The responsibilities of the Energy Commissioner include:

  • Checking for proper operation  Efficient and cost-effective of the organization's systems and prevention of energy waste

  • Supervision of operation and maintenance that ensures maximum efficiency of the facilities and processes

  • Measuring monthly consumption of electricity and fuels

  • Measuring energy consumption per unit of product or by other quantitative basis

  • Installation of measuring and control instruments and regular recording of the measured data

  • Performing and registering periodic efficiency tests at combustion facilities and additional tests

  • Initiating actions to prevent a decrease in the energy efficiency of the facilities

  • Recommendation for actions to conserve energy and promote their implementation

  • Preparation of an annual energy consumption report and an annual report to the Ministry of Energy in accordance with the binding regulation

  • Training and employee training  And preparation of detailed instructions for energy conservation


260 grams of fuel  1KW electricity


300 tons is equivalent to oil  = KW 1,153,846  electrical power  = About 500,000 NIS


A "consumer plant" will be submitted to the Commissioner of the Ministry of Energy  Annual Energy Consumption Report  In the period from January 1 to December 31.  The report will be submitted each year until March 31 of the year following the reporting period.


Agas Company will be happy to assist in filling out and submitting the annual consumption report to the Ministry of Energy.

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Energy efficiency test of cooling units (chillers)

Agas Power Ltd. performs energy efficiency tests of refrigeration units (chillers) by a team of certified air conditioning engineers, who are highly experienced experts who have performed hundreds of tests at various facilities around the country.


The test is performed in accordance with the regulations of the Ministry of Energy (below is a relevant link):

Energy Sources Regulations (Minimal Energy Efficiency and Periodic Measurement of a Water Cooling Unit), 2013


In accordance with regulations:

  • It is mandatory to perform an energy efficiency test in relation to a water cooling unit with an output of 250 tons of cooling and above one year after the first day of operation of the system

  • It is mandatory to perform an energy efficiency test in relation to a water cooling unit with an output of 100 to 249 tons of cooling three years from the day the system is started.


The test includes:

  • Performance rating of water cooling units using a vapor compression cycle, valid from time to time under the Standards Act

  • Coefficient Of Performance (COP), which expresses the energy efficiency of a water cooling unit, as calculated according to the standard (see diagram below)

  • Technical opinion on the condition of the refrigeration unit and the electrical system

  • Finding the potential for savings

  • Presenting options for improving the situation, including required investments and ROI calculations

  • Transferring the test results to the Ministry of Energy and Water

Diagram illustrating the calculation of a water cooling system (chillers):


Energy efficiency test in pumping facilities

Agas  Power Ltd. performs energy efficiency tests at pumping facilities by a team of engineers testing pumping facilities certified by the Ministry of Energy. These testers are highly experienced who have performed hundreds of tests at various facilities around the country.


The test is performed in accordance with the regulations of the Ministry of Energy and Water (below is a relevant link):  Energy Sources Regulations (Energy Efficiency Test in Pumping Facilities), 2004.


In accordance with regulations:

  • Every organization that has water pumps that consume electricity of 150 kWh or more per year, is required to perform a efficiency test for each pump once every 30 months (two and a half years) or after 7,500 working hours, whichever is later


The test includes:

  • Measurements: flow, power consumption, speed and calculation of the efficiency of the pumping facilities

  • Technical opinion on the condition of the overall pumping facility: desirable efficiency, energy losses

  • Recommendations for improving pumping facility efficiency, required investments and ROI calculations

  • Transferring the test results to the Ministry of Energy and Water

Diagram illustrating a pump efficiency test:

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