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Solar system

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Free electricity for at least 25 years!


Planning, construction, full treatment with the authorities, comprehensive responsibility and ongoing maintenance that contribute to maximum productivity

advanced technology

Converters and panels from the world's leading manufacturers. Includes 24/7 monitoring and follow-up service

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Solar system (PV)

Agas Power Ltd. is one of the leading companies in Israel in the field of green and renewable energy. The company brings with it extensive professional experience in consulting, planning, financing, installation and maintenance of solar systems in Israel.

Agas's goal is to ensure that you make the best decision for you, intelligently and wholeheartedly - to switch to clean and green solar energy and not to forget that the dollar is also green $$$


Summary of the history of time

The energy that the sun sends to the earth in one hour is equal to the amount of energy that humanity consumes in electricity in an entire year. Israel is a place where it is especially profitable to install a solar system. Firstly, in Israel there is a large amount of hours of sunshine a year, and secondly, the state is committed at the UN climate conference in Paris in 2015, to reach 10% alternative energy by 2020. Therefore, there is a proven trend of regulatory, bureaucratic and economic changes aimed at The use of solar systems is much more cost effective.


Quality of life and environment

Along the way we save on burning materials that release harmful gases that are the main cause of global warming. For example, an average home system saves about 10 tons of carbon dioxide (2CO) per year and 250 tons throughout the 25 years of guaranteed operation of the system. This is to prevent equal air pollution  For a nearly million-mile ride in a family car.  


Expected life of a solar system

The solar system has an estimated life expectancy of at least 30 years. The natural reduction attributed to the solar panel is only about 0.5% per year, so even after 25 years of electricity generation  The system will continue to generate electricity at a rate of about 85% of the output that the system generated on the day of installation.


Solar system maintenance

The main maintenance of the solar system concerns the simple cleaning of the panels and the ongoing monitoring of the system's performance by identifying faults or reductions in production using the monitoring system that we will provide directly to the mobile device.


The economic savings in the solar system

A system on a roof measuring 500 square meters will yield a return of approximately NIS 50,000 per year, approximately NIS 1.25 million in 25 years.
The cost of the system is the main expense for the rest of its life and the investment will be repaid within about 6 years from the date of installation.

The return on the system will reach about 17% per year, a return that is considered unprecedented, almost risk-free, that there are no other safe investment channels that can compete with it (for example, stocks or real estate).

The actual process
Installing a solar system includes technical, legal and administrative testing processes. First, we will conduct a survey with our first visit to the site to test the techno-economic feasibility and then we will issue the various approvals for the attic. Throughout the process we will make sure that the system is tailored to yield you a maximum financial return.

Funding for the construction of a solar system

Agas Power provides its customers with various routes for setting up the system:

  • Rental model - We will pay monthly rent on the roof of your building, starting from the first month

  • Purchase through a loan from the bank (we will help with a direct referral to the bank you work with)

  • Purchase in cash using the "Turn Key" method

Example of the rental model:  Suitable for a total roof area of 500 square meters or more

Outline of the business proposal

We will rent the roofs you own from you. Possibility of several adjacent roofs which together exceed an area of 500 square meters.

From here, everything is in our hands: we will take care of the survey and measurements, planning, treatment with the various authorities, installation and day-to-day operation until connection to the electricity grid and everything through the financing of Agas.

Agas specializes in increasing electrical connections. If you have a large roof, we will adjust the connection size to the possible system size.

Your profit

  • We offer high and attractive rents. 

  • We see the benefit of the customer through the rent, but also through the courteous and personal service  And for that  Dozens of satisfied customers will testify 

  • Our model is:

    •   0% investment on your part: neither financial nor operational

    • 100% investment on our part: planning, licensing, construction, maintenance

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