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Solar Lighting

Why solar lighting?
A. An environmentally friendly solution that does not require a connection to the electricity grid.

B. A modern solution with innovative functionality at a high technical level.

C. A solution that is resistant to power outages in the network and wear and tear of the transmission network.

Huge savings

Huge savings in the costs of ecological and green solar street lighting, disconnected from the grid, with autonomous capability and remote control in the cloud, complete freedom from cable, dependence on power supply, environmental protection, a winning economic model and connection to the future

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How do lighting systems work?

Solar lighting systems operate as a stand-alone unit without the need for any electrical power or wiring. In daylight, it stores the energy generated by sunlight and provides lighting throughout the night. In a properly designed system, the energy generated from sunlight can provide lighting throughout the night even in winter. To ensure trouble-free lighting, parameters such as solar panel, battery, charging controller depending on the area should be preferred.

Personal customization

Our solar street lighting for outdoor areas and public applications gives you a complete customization option to suit all your off-grid solar lighting requirements.

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